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Read our official Whitepaper here:
United Farmers is an entire ecosystem with yield farming for the BSC network. We introduce Yield Farm, Staking Pools, Multi-Layered, Utility Token, Auto Liquidity provider. The solid and secure foundation with our own UFX token as our center service.
United Farmers X is built by a dedicated professional team. We will be committed to the growth and success of the ecosystem.

Who are we, and what is our mindset?

The project has come from our minds after being scammed and rugged over many different times, wherein devs have not done anything as promised, left the community hurt by launching new projects which were not thought through. Dumping their income on the community on selfish grounds is a significant factor in jumping from one project to another.

Why did we create a swap?

With all that is going on in DeFi space, we have experienced one thing- projects with "Funny" or "Provoking" names get a lot of attention, and with us being sick of getting scammed, we thought, "let's get united."
This project is built to bring back the trust to the crypto community, and with this honesty, we ensure to help our investors to make some good money.

How is United Farmers different from other projects?

With United Farmers, we are here to make a change!! As our project will implement many things that we wished other projects had. Many projects are anonymous and promising a lot. We plan to do things differently by keeping an open line with our community. Being open and transparent on the choices we make as well as offer insight into what we do. We have learned a long way and working step by step to improve it to our desires by completing the project more substantially and better.

How will this affect the community - what motivates you to invest with us?

At United Farmers, we believe that a project has to be good for its community to succeed. That is why we appreciate our community and will make sure they do not get dumped on! A couple of things that will be different with our project are:
  • The team will not be anonymous!
  • Wallets will be known, and the usage of those funds will be transparent.
  • The project will have stable growth from multiple income streams, which will increase in time.
The token will be used in future farms as we will be implementing different layers and chains. We will make sure that the community never gets disappointed!!

What are the multiple income streams, and how can that help?

We have seen many projects fail because of no different income streams. We plan to start the usage of fees in passive income like stable mining, and in return, we buy back the native tokens that will keep us going huge with a solid team- together, it will grow!
Our team is investing in many different projects, and we have a couple of YouTubers in our team which will help us get coverage to a new audience and push the project's growth.
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