United Farmers X has decided to expand its ecosystem with a limited NFT collection. UFX NFTs are more than just digital works of art but also provide a share in United Farmers X and give you an excellent passive revenue model. 1% of all transaction costs (buy, sell, create/unbind LPs) go to a special NFT Holders wallet. This wallet is distributed to all NFT holders every 14 days. In addition to these tax commissions, there are also extras for each special rarity.


Limited Supply of 125 NFTs
  • 3 Legendary NFTS
  • 6 Super Rare NFTs
  • 20 Rare NFTS
  • 40 Common NFTs
  • 80 Standard NFTs
  • 200 Support NFTs
We have decided only to release a limited number of NFTs to keep the rewards high for the holders.